Machu Picchu on Google


The little-known details that Google compasses about the archeological site Machu Picchu makes a virtual tour of Casa Concha Museum and Mario Testino Museum a jewel that we have access to through Google that benefits humanity.

Explore Machu Picchu  with Google (insert link, not yet translated)

With Casa Moncha Museum, we also explore objects from the Daily Life.

The actual living space of Machu Picchu at its peak had a maximum population of 600 habitants during the dry season (may through September).  The royal palace belonged to the Inca ethnic group of the Cusco Valley, but the artisans and domestic servants belonged to many other ethnic groups that came from all around Tahuantinsuyo.  The domestic servants dedicated their days  preparing chicha (an alcoholic drink made from fermented maize), cleaning, weaving, and producing metal objects, while the elite class of people dedicated their time to celebrating, hunting, and enjoying religious activities.  Thanks to the Inca custom of burying individuals with their possessions, the objects that were recovered in the Expedition of 1912 from the cave burials of the servants indicated much about the identity and daily lives of these women, men, and children.  Other items that were lost of thrown away in the principle architectural development shed light on the activities of the elite.  An ample selection of these materials is exhibited here in Cusco for the first time since the excavations of Bingham.


Apart from the ritualistic pieces from Machu Picchu and other places, images in great resolution and by visiting the website in “street view” format, the Google experience seems almost as real as an actual trip to the museum structures and to Machu Picchu itself.

Thank you, Google, for this important promulgation of one of the wonders of the modern world.

To know our past is to begin loving our roots.

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